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Elle Lyne was crowned the first inaugural Mrs. Worldwide, in 2016. 

She is an advocate and an ambassador for orphaned and foster children at "Love Without Boundaries," which is a foundation that helps orphaned children in China, to obtain access to life-saving medical surgeries as well as medical supplies such as eye glasses and hearing aids which would otherwise might not be available for them. Additionally, some children are provided the opportunity to have foster care with a family who can help them learn to love and grow in a nurturing environment. Elle Lyne has worked hard providing a loving environment for her own adopted son, who came from an orphanage in China; arriving in America when he was 5 years old. Elle and her family have been very fortunate to experience the support of their schools, friends, family, chruch and community throughout their family adoption experience. Elle has also modeled in several fashion shows that raised money for charity. She has had opportunities to share her talents of Ballet en Pointe and Vocal Solos at charity events that were held at the Orpheum Theater while supporting "The Good News Jail and Prison Ministry," and she continues to sing the Star-Spangled Banner at varied venues and events. She is very passionate about her platform, but equally just as passionate about helping other women to achieve their dreams and goals of sharing their own personal platforms. She is the current Director and CEO of Worldwide USA Pageant.




Elle Lyne, Mrs. Worldwide 2016
Mrs. Worldwide USA 2016

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